Since more than 30 years we act in Industrial Refrigeration

Since more than 30 years we act in Industrial Refrigeration; in 1988 the company was founded with people with a background in refrigeration contracting since many years.

Starting from 1994 we focus our activity on designing and manufacturing packages and chillers, following the European habit to divide manufacturers from contractors.

At the end of the ‘90s we started a new branch dedicated to the trading of refrigeration components with top brand such as CARLY, BLONDELLE, INFICON and since then we have been adding new products every year. 

Focus on energy saving and F-gas friendly units

We focused more and more on the design of energy saving refrigerating units and chillers. In the last years we could not avoid to design F-gas friendly equipment running with low GWP refrigerants.

Our future is based on research, development and…..people!

Nowadays 50% of our turnover comes from “custom-made” refrigerating units and chiller and 50% from trading. But both for manufacturing and trading the long-term relation with our customers and the long-term experience of our people is our plus.

We want going on researching (new products, new design) and developing our production to propose the best possible technical solutions.


When we design a unit or a chiller, we approach the customer’s request with a technical point of view at first.

We submit proposal with technical answer to our customer’s requirements we are happy to discuss with them and together to get the best technical solution with the best value for money.

During the construction of the units we work as the customer should do to get the most reliable result to our work.

Very often we work shoulder to shoulder with the most experienced refrigeration consultant to check in real time our technical solutions.



We don’t have a standard production; we just design and manufacture our units one by one according to the needs of our customer. Our customer can trust in our products as we do as they should have done! 


Forniamo una vasta scelta di componenti di primarie marche del settore, gestendo gli ordini in modo rapido ed efficiente e dando il massimo del servizio alla clientela.  
I nostri  fornitori sono partner con cui abbiamo costruito rapporti di collaborazione solidi e duraturi.